Establishing an Injury Surveillance System

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This case study is partly fictional and partly based on the Massachusetts Statewide Injury Prevention Program. The case study was originally written in 1986 by Douglas Klaucke, Jose Rodriguez, and Helene Gayle, and rewritten in 1990 by Richard Dicker. Revisions were completed by Richard Dicker with input from Mel Kohn and the EIS Summer Course instructors. The current version was revised by John Horan and Shunling Tsang with input from Lee Annest.
Date published
Dec, 2004
Last updated
21 Jan 2020


In 2003, the leadership of State Health Department X decided that injury prevention and control should become a priority for the department. The Director of the State Division of Family Health in the health department thus asked her staff to assist in developing a proposal for a childhood injury prevention program in the State. They agreed that their first task should be to describe the magnitude of the problem of childhood injuries.