Health Program Planning - Building Health Programs that Work

Denise Traicoff, Sustainable Management Development Program
Date published
Jan, 2013
Last updated
31 Jan 2020


This course is designed for program managers and decision makers in public health programs worldwide, including district health officers, ministry of health program managers, and clinical staff in health centers, who either manage multiple programs or establish discretionary public health programs within your communities with (sometimes limited) provided funds.

Health Program Planning focuses on assessment, analysis, and planning to help you to design and implement public health strategies, with a high likelihood of achieving desired objectives. It is designed as a workshop, with participants coming in teams to design and plan their own health program.

A pre-course worksheet is provided, to help participants have the data they will need to start planning their program. A supplemental webinar on health program prioritization can be viewed at any time at the TEPHINET Learning Center.

The learning objectives for Health Program Planning are:

  • Assess and analyze public health needs
  • Engage stakeholders in analysis and planning
  • Define a goal and objectives for a public health program
  • Determine a program strategy and intervention
  • Set specific and measureable objectives for a public health intervention
  • Develop an evaluation plan to monitor program progress
  • This course replaces SMDP's Healthy Plan-It course, which contains a great deal of outdated material and should not be used.  
  • This course includes a participants workbook, pre-course worksheet, exercise worksheet, facilitator guide, and PowerPoint presentation.

Estimated course length: 1 day

Target Audience: Program managers and decision makers who either manage multiple programs or establish discretionary public health programs within communities

For best results it is recommended that work teams attend.