Incidence and the causes of unintentional non-fatal injuries at a commune in the Central Highlands - Vietnam, 2013

Phan Thi Thanh Thao
Date published
Aug, 2013
Last updated
31 Jan 2020



  • To describe the incidence of non-fatal unintentional injury in the defined community
  • To identify the causes and possible related factors of the injuries
  • To identify the pattern of seeking medication of the injured people
  • To evaluate the impact of injury on the economic status of the injured people


  • Study design: cross-sectional design
  • Study subject: people with unintentional non-fatal injuries
  • Sample size: n = 747


  • Incidence rate: male > female
  • Leading causes: road traffic accident and transport-related and falls
  • Risk factors: gender, education, occupation, ethnic, family annual income Economic burdens: injured people + the caregivers
  • Significance:  First community-based survey in the region
  • Vietnam unintentional injury prevention program should aim towards road traffic accident and transport-related and falls
  • Further study is needed for identify the risk factors