NCD Prevention and Control

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Date published
Sep, 2013
Last updated
31 Jan 2020


This module is instructor-led. Participants discuss global and national goals and strategies for preventing and controlling NCDs and challenges to implementing those strategies and achieving those goals. After approximately 1 ½ hours, participants are asked to describe action items for accomplishing at least three of the WHO objectives from the 2008-2013 global strategy in their own country. They also describe potential barriers to implementing the recommendations and how to overcome them. The facilitator guide contains copies of all slides and guidelines on what to say and do for each slide. It also contains the skill assessment (i.e., exercise) and potential answers. The participant guide contains copies of all slides, some key points, a place to take notes, and all exercises.

Note:  You must have "instructor" membership status to download the (MS Word) facilitator guide and PowerPoint presentation.