Outbreak of Group A Pharyngitis in Louisiana

Date published
Jeanette Stehr-Green and Richard Dicker


Investigation of an outbreak of Streptococcal pharyngitis traced to foodborne transmission at a school banquet. Case study requires use of Epi Info™ and two small data files.  

Learning Objectives:

After completing this case study, the participant should be able to:  

  • Define the terms cluster, outbreak, and epidemic;
  • List the steps of an outbreak investigation;
  • Create a case definition and explain its importance in an outbreak investigation;
  • List five types of information to include in an outbreak questionnaire;
  • Draw, interpret, and describe the value of an epidemic curve; and
  • Calculate food-specific attack rates and risk ratio Use Epi Info to perform basic descriptive analysis and cross-tabulations of epidemiologic data.  
Author type
FETP affiliate
Resource type
Case Study
Field investigation
Foodborne illness
Country or Area
United States of America