Rapid Health Assessment in Riverina

Michael Toole
Date published
Jan, 2005
Last updated
22 Jan 2020


Health in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies: The case study presents a complex humanitarian emergency situation in which the participant must conduct a rapid health assessment/cluster survey (including anthropometric measures) of an internally displaced population in a fictional African country.  

Learning Objectives:

  • List the health problems common among displaced populations
  • Identify sources of health information on persons living in displaced-person camps
  • Calculate crude and age-specific mortality rates
  • Use morbidity, mortality, and nutrition data to identify and prioritize specific health problems in a displaced population and plan interventions 
  • Plan a community survey based on objectives, resources, and geographic distribution of the population 
  • Use anthropometric data to determine nutritional status of a population
  • Analyze and interpret survey data on nutritional status in order to plan appropriate nutrition programs