Sexually Transmitted Disease in Adolescents

Lloyd F. Novick, MD, MPH; Silvia Tera´n, MD; Gail Dolbear, MD
Date published
Dec, 2003
Last updated
21 Jan 2020


This case—sexually transmitted diseases in adolescents—is one of a series of teaching cases in the Case-Based Series in Population-Oriented Prevention (C-POP). It has been developed for use in medical school and residency prevention curricula. The complete set of cases is presented in this supplement to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are common among adolescents. This case focuses on the population-based prevention of STDs. The case begins with clinical, diagnostic, and laboratory management of an adolescent female diagnosed with gonorrhea. Students then examine how the diagnosis of an STD can be used as an opportunity to provide preventive care and counseling on safer sexual behaviors. Questions addressing HIV testing and counseling are included in this section. Students proceed to explore how the diagnosis and reporting of an STD calls for interaction, such as partner notification, between clinical providers and public health departments. Finally, students are provided with actual information from local focus groups on attitudes and behaviors of high-risk adolescents. At the conclusion of the case, they are asked to interpret the data and formulate strategies to decrease gonorrhea rates in the community.

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