Stakeholder Analysis

Sustainable Management Development Program, U.S. CDC
Date published
Jan, 2013
Last updated
25 Jan 2020


This distance-based course enables learners to acquire basic knowledge and skills when they need it, to successfully engage with stakeholders to help achieve program goals. This course could be used to complement Sustainable Management Development Program (SMDP) courses in Advocacy, Project Management, Process Improvement and Building Health Programs That Work.

When participants complete the workbook they will be able to:

  • Define the steps in conducting a stakeholder analysis
  • Identify the key elements to include in a stakeholder profile
  • List the steps in a Ladder of Participation Identify categories and methods of participation for each stakeholder

When participants complete the webinar they will be able to:

  • Explore the Relationship Model and Ladder of Participation
  • Identify and discuss methods to encourage stakeholder participation

This course includes a self-paced workbook, with paper and pencil exercises as well as internet-based activities. It is complemented by a live webinar that is scheduled by SMDP. An archive of a previously conducted webinar is provided here, so learners can complete the course at their convenience.

Estimated course length: 2 hours (includes webinar time)

Target audience: Public health professionals who are responsible for developing new programs or projects, or for managing existing programs; or those who are responsible for program advocacy