Training Toolkit: Laboratory Issues for Field Epidemiologists

World Health Organization (WHO)
Date published
Jan, 2007
Last updated
23 Jan 2020


This WHO training package contains a set of training materials and recommendations to help trainers organize their training session on "Laboratory issues for Epidemiologists."

The main goals of the training are to:  

  1. facilitate communication and understanding between the two disciplines of epidemiology and laboratory medicine;  
  2. provide the field epidemiologist with a better understanding of basic microbiology techniques and analysis and interpretation of results; and  
  3. communicate the laboratory perspective of public health investigations to field epidemiologists in order to improve collaboration between these two disciplines and to enhance the quality of field investigations as well as day-to-day interaction.

Main target audiences: Field epidemiologists working at all levels of public health and epidemiologists conducting routine surveillance activities who may have to deal with laboratory activities (including laboratory-based data). 

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