WHO Training Modules in Occupational Health, Hygiene and Safety

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Lorraine Conroy, ScD, Linda Forst, MD, MPH, Leslie Nickels, MEd, Anne Krantz, MD, MPH, Kalpana Balakrishnan, PhD
Date published
Jan, 1987
Last updated
25 Jan 2020


Designed to provide education for professionals who are charged with the responsibility of protecting the health of workers: public health officers, physicians, nurses, policy makers, labor inspectors, and worker health and safety advocates. These materials were developed to implement the 49th World Health Assembly global strategy for occupational health. Where relevant, the materials complement the effort of the International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS) Global Implementation Strategy on occupational risk management. The materials are organized into three 16-hour, case based modules for a multidisciplinary audience, by economic sector: agriculture, manufacturing, and service.

Learn more: https://extranet.who.int/iris/restricted/handle/10665/62796