Virtual Teaching and Learning Resources


The eLearning Guild

  • Virtual Classrooms Online Conference
  • Session Recordings and Handouts:
    • Instructional Design—What Can I Flip?
    • Virtual Classrooms—How Do I Use This?
    • Facilitator Skills—What Skills Do I Need?
    • Production—How Do I Execute?

Infopro Learning

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III. Virtual Teaching

Articles and Reports

The Chronicle of Higher Education

OpenTeach (Dublin City University)

eLearning Guild

Training Industry

The Learning Guild

  • SpeakerChat: Online Series on Learning and Development 
    • Creating Microlearning and More with PowerPoint
    • Rapid Prototyping for Your eLearning Projects
    • Spaced Learning—Why It’s So Good & How to Get Started
    • Making Your Content Micro
    • Spaced Learning—Sticky eLearning Tools and Technology

Cross Knowledge

  • 7 Principles for Impactful Digital Learning (File Download)

How to Teach Online: Providing continuity for students


  • Explore online teaching with this practical course for educators designed in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

The Online Educator: People and Pedagogy

The Open University

  • Design engaging courses, make your teaching more inclusive, navigate online research ethics and shape your digital identity.

How to Create Great Online content

University of Leeds & Institute of coding

  • Discover what makes online content successful and learn how to create engaging content that’s in line with your business goals.


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V. Blended/Hybrid Teaching and Learning 


Training Industry

  • The Next Generation Classroom: Virtual/Hybrid Instructor-Led Training (File Download)

Blended Learning Essentials: Getting started

University of Leeds & UCL Institute of Education

  • Learn how to promote effective practice and pedagogy in blended learning on this Vocational Education Training course.

Blended Learning Essentials pt.2: Embedding Practice

University of Leeds & UCL Institute of Education

  • This is the second part of a course for the Vocational Education and Training sector to promote effective use of blended learning.

Knowledge Anywhere

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VI. Specific Types of Learning and Tools


Logic Learning 

  • eLearning Course Audit Checklist (File Download)
Microlearning, Social and Collaborative Learning 

Articles and Reports

eLearning Guild

Training Industry



  • Unleash the Power of Microlearning (File Download)


  • The Ultimate Guide to Effective and Engaging Webinars (File Download)