TEPHINET Supports Biosafety and Biosecurity Workshop in Morocco

With support from TEPHINET and the U.S. Department of State Biosecurity Engagement Program (BEP), FETP Morocco organized a biosafety and biosecurity workshop at École Nationale de Santé Publique (ENSP) in Rabat from October 23-27, 2017.

A total of 26 participants attended the workshop including five alumni of the first cohort of the Morocco FETP, 11 clinical biologists, three veterinarians, two lab engineers, three lab technicians, and two ENSP trainers.

Participants were from the following institutions:

  • Alumni of the first Morocco FETP cohort (5)
  • Representatives of Regional Laboratories (8)
  • Representatives of the National Laboratory: National Institute of Hygiene (2)
  • Representatives of the Institut Pasteur Laboratory (4)
  • Representatives of agencies such as veterinarians of ONSSA (2), and the Agronomic and Veterinarian Institute (IAV in French) (3)
  • ENSP FETP trainers (2)

The attendance of participants from multiple sectors is in accordance with the One Health approach, which encourages the collaboration of professionals working in human, animal, and environmental health.

TEPHINET is currently working on promoting secure, safe, and sustainable capacity to detect and control dangerous outbreaks through supporting a series of workshops in outbreak investigation, biosafety and biosecurity, and training of trainers in Egypt and Morocco.