Indian Ocean Field Epidemiology Training Program

Program overview

This two-year program, based on the SEGA One Health Network, consists of five workshops and mentored fieldwork. The skills obtained include: implementation, management or evaluation of a surveillance system, investigation of alerts, epidemiological analysis, scientific communication, and skill transfer. Fellows must also partake in internships at regional centers, such as the Pasteur Institute in Madagascar or the disease surveillance unit (CIRE-OI). This year, they plan to launch a FETP Frontline One Health program in 4 countries (Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles).  The goal of this program is the creation of a regional task force consisting of field epidemiologists and supervisors trained using the same technical language and epidemiological methods. As of 2015, the program also includes emphasis on the animal health sector. Although it would not begin until the end of 2020, the program is in the process of transforming the advanced FETP into master's degree in field epidemiology.


Most of the 21 graduates now occupy high positions in the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture or the World Health Organization (WHO) office in Madagascar. Five research articles written by students have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Students have also given many oral and poster presentations at global conferences.