Türkiye Field Epidemiology Training Program

Program overview

Türkiye FETP is a nationally certified advanced level training program which was founded in 2012 by the Ministry of Health’s Public Health Institution of Türkiye. Since its inception, four cohorts have completed the program. The 26 total graduates have been assigned to various health departments.


Since 2012, Türkiye FETP fellows investigated 65 outbreaks, participated in 26 surveillance projects, conducted 15 types of epidemiological research, and taught eight applied epidemiology courses for more than 420 provincial public health directorate staff. Türkiye FETP has also hosted annual Field Epidemiology Scientific Conferences since 2012, and fellows of the program have presented over 60 research projects at both national and international conferences.

Considering needs in public health practice, the Türkiye FETP has added classroom training modules on “Early Warning and Response," "Geographic Information Systems (GIS)" and "Modeling in Communicable Diseases." The FETP has completed its first and the second trainings of “GIS” and “Modeling in Communicable Diseases.” The first was planned as a Training of Trainers, and the FETP mentors, director and selected trainees were trained as trainers to support the other three trainings.